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Services for
Your Success


In-house challenges often need additional support, advising, or strategic planning to get a marketing team or business on track. Perhaps even tapping into the expertise of a full external marketing team. 

Every business is unique in their needs. Let's collaborate in identifying areas of priority to drive your success. 


Identifying What You Need

Often clients know they need to address marketing challenges but don't know where to start.  

That's where Marie comes in. Please reach out, say hello, and let's discuss where you are and what you hope to achieve. We'll make a recommendation and work with you to create a solution to help achieve your goals.  

It all starts with a conversation.

What Partners Have To Say

"As one of the owners of HEXONET I had contracted with Marie Lanyon to assess our marketing, create a marketing plan and build the team to execute on the approved plan. The intention was to have this wrapped up in 6 months as a contract gig. After one month I identified the value Marie brings to any business and convinced her that HEXONET needed somebody of her caliber full-time vs. just contracting. Who else to better execute on the marketing plan than the person who created and owned it? Marie is a tremendous asset for any company.  She clearly exhibited exceptional qualities in her tenure, demonstrating her diligence, organization prowess, and strategic acumen in all aspects of her VP role.


Marie possesses a remarkable talent for "all-round" marketing, showcasing her expertise as an amazing marketing leader with a keen eye for branding initiatives. She consistently devised and executed innovation/creative marketing campaigns that significantly contribute to our company's growth and brand recognition.  Marie's ability to understand the nuances of our brand and effectively communicate its values to our target audience has been commendable. Moreover, Marie excels in team management, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment. Her leadership style is characterized by focus, forward-thinking, and a dedication to achieving results. She empowers her team members, encourages creativity, and ensures that everyone is aligned with the company's goals and objectives.


Any company who has the foresight to engage with Marie will consider themselves lucky!

Robert Birkner, Founder of Hexonet Services Inc. 

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