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Marketing Leadership

Brand Creator. Team Builder. 

Fractional CMO and marketing support to help you succeed. 

Marie Lanyon Vancouver Canada Fractional CMO

Meet Your Marketing Partner

Meet Marie, a marketing leader with over twenty years of successfully building brands and driving business growth. Her reputation as a respected and accomplished leader lies in helping businesses achieve their goals through strategic marketing initiatives, fresh perspectives, empowering teams, and effective communication. 


In addition to her work as a sought-after Fractional CMO serving clients globally, Marie is part of the Venture Capital team at LJRM Legacy Investments. Marie has assembled a team of marketing experts she hand selects per project, making sure each client gets custom team they need for success. 

Applying her knowledge and expertise to grow businesses is what fills her cup. Well, that and coffee. 

Fractional CMO & Marketing Support

The Marie Lanyon team understands the importance of marketing in today's competitive, challenging, and changing market.


Clients come to Marie knowing they need to step up their marketing game but don't know where to begin.


Often Marketing teams are missing the Senior leadership required to set goals, write plans, work cross-functionally on business strategy, and to stay accountable and thriving in their roles. As a seasoned leader, Marie has a keen eye and years of experience auditing businesses and helping them grow by capitalizing upon with marketing opportunities. 

Let us help you become the leader of your industry. It simply begins with a hello. Contact us

What Partners Have To Say

“Working with Marie has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Her strategic prowess and ability to generate innovative ideas during brainstorming sessions is unparalleled. She has an uncanny ability to concisely deliver messaging  without losing the human component in it.

Marie's approach is not just about short-term gains but also about building a solid foundation for long-term success. With her guidance, we've seen our marketing efforts become more targeted, efficient, and ultimately, more profitable. I highly recommend Marie to anyone looking to take their marketing to the next level."

Jordanna Nelson, Founder

"Marie quickly engaged with our team of staff and faculty and worked with us to research our existing and potential target markets - she also thoroughly researched similar programs from other schools which we needed to position ourselves amongst. Some of the solutions Marie developed along with our staff went well beyond simple marketing,

and started to change the way we structured our programs and the tools we offered our students. It turned some already innovative programs into programs that were utterly unique in the market.


The result of working with Marie far exceeded our expectations, and developed into a very long-term and highly productive relationship. Working with her is an absolute pleasure - she is insightful, a superb communicator, wonderful at team and partnership-building, and very

innovative in her solutions and strategies."

Greg Blue, Manager Creative & Applied Arts Langara College, Continuing Studies

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